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The Dyer's Dog
 SHE was beautiful, with a strange unearthly beauty. She had a little black nose. Her eyes were small, but bright and full of charm. Her ears were long and soft, and her tail curled like one of the in the window of the dyer with whom she lived.  
I have met many little dogs with noses as charming, and eyes as bright, and tails as curly; but never one who, like my Bessie, was a rich, deep pink all over.
I lived with a then. I was sitting on his doorstep when she first delighted my eyes. I ran across the road to give her good morning. She seemed pleased to see me. We had a little chat about the weather and the other dogs in the street, and about buns, and rats, and the of the domestic cat.
Her manners and her conversation were as bright and charming as her eyes. Before we parted, we had made an appointment for the next afternoon, and as I said good-bye, I ventured to ask—
"How is it, lady, that you are of such a surpassingly beautiful colour?"
"It is natural to our family," she said, tossing her pretty ears. "My mother was the Royal Dog at the Court of the King of India."
I bowed with deep respect and withdrew, for I heard them calling me at home.
The next day I looked for my beautiful pink-coloured lady, but I looked in vain. Instead, a dog of a bright sky-blue, with a yellow ribbon round its neck, sat in the sun on the dyer's doorstep. Yet, could I be mistaken? That nose, those ears, that feathery tail, those bright and beaming eyes!
I went across. She received me with some , which disappeared as I talked of milk and guinea pigs, and the habits of the cats'-meat man. Before we parted I said—
"You have changed your dress."
"Yes," she said, "it's so common and vulgar to wear always one colour."
"But I thought"—I hesitated—"that your mother was the Royal Crimson Dog at the Court of——"
"So she was," replied the lady , "but my father was the well-known sky-blue terrier at the Crystal Palace Dog Show. I resemble both my parents."
I , fascinated by her high breeding and explanations. Through my dreams that night wandered a long procession of blue and crimson dogs.
The next day, when I hurried to keep the appointment she had been good e............
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