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 Aron climbed back to the control deck from below. "Farlan's tied up, and he's madder than hell," Aron reported. "Stein said Farlan did go behind the control board on their last duty stretch, to 'adjust' the radio. What's the situation now?"
"They've started decelerating to match our pace when they get abreast of us," said Jonner, indicating the rocket flares that now appeared on the aft visual screen.
The tape suddenly ran out, and the rockets' roar faded. They were in free fall again.
"Get into a spacesuit and cut that towline," commanded Jonner. "We're going to make a run for it."
"We're not going to stay and guard The Egg?" asked Aron, getting a suit off one of the hooks.
"No outside guns. This hulk was a supply ship. As soon as you get back in and secure the outer airlock, holler and we'll start partial acceleration. When you've strapped down somewhere below, holler again and we'll blow the tubes."
While Aron went below to carry out his assignment, Jonner swung the ship end-to with the gyroscopes. He prayed silently that the towline to The Egg wouldn't foul. They'd have to head back toward Mars, for further acceleration in this direction would throw them, helpless, in a path toward outer space.
The radio loudspeaker boomed:
"OGM ship Phobos-29 to Rebel spaceship. Stand by for boarding or get blasted."
The Marscorp ships were within a few miles now, slowing to match the pace of the Rebel ship.
The outer airlock warning light flashed red, then green again.
"Ready!" said Aron's voice on the ship's communicator.
Jonner flicked his radio transmitter to the Marscorp beam.
"Go to hell!" he announced, and depressed the firing buttons.

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