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A Simple Soul

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Gustave Flaubert居斯塔夫·福楼拜 


TAG: 纯朴的心 英文小说在线阅读 经典英文小说

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Tales of Passed Times

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Charles Perrault 

It is to Perrault that we owe our acquaintance with the greater number of good old-fashioned fairy-tales, but an edition of these, although it includes such intimate friends of our childhood as Blue Beard, the Sleeping Beauty, and Little Red Riding-Hood, is hardly complete without "Beauty and the Beast"; a version of this tale, by Mme. 


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A Sicilian Romance

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Ann Radcliffe 

On the northern shore of Sicily are still to be seen the magnificent remains of a castle, which formerly belonged to the noble house of Mazzini. It stands in the centre of a small bay, and upon a gentle acclivity, which, on one side, slopes towards the sea, and on the other rises into an eminence crowned by dark woods. 


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The Cruise of the Snark17

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Jack London杰克·伦敦 

A book that testifies man's indefatigable courage and spirit.The author has narrated a two-year voyage aboard a ship. It is the account of wild sea storms, navigational doubts and sea-illnesses combined with the natural beauty.

TAG: Classical

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A Boy's Trip Across the Plains

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Laura Preston 

 In the village of W——, in western Missouri, lived Mrs. Loring and her son Guy, a little boy about ten years old. They were very poor, for though Mr. Loring, during his life time was considered rich, and his wife and child had always lived comfortably, after his death, which occurred when Guy was about eight years old, they found that ...


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