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Gaelic Terms
 Amadain (masculine, amadan). Fool.
Briosag. Witch, sorceress.
Chlanna nan con, thigibh a sh’s gheibh sibh feoil. “Sons of the dogs, come hither, and you shall have flesh” (Cameron war cry).
Dhia dhuit. A greeting (“good day,” literally, “God today”).
Droch-inntinneach. Evil-minded.
Dubh (also dhu). Black.
Each uisghe. Water horse (mythical sea-monster, probably with some connection to the Loch Ness Monster, which has been seen frequently for at least 1500 years and to which Saint Columba of Iona gave a good scolding in 565, as recorded by the Abbot of Iona).
Filleadh mór. The great-plaid, kilt and plaid in one piece. (The plaid, or plaidie, was worn around the shoulders and sometimes over the head.)
Ghillie. An attendant or follower of a clan chief or chieftain.
Kelpie. A water witch.
Mallaichte. Wicked.
M’eudain. An endearment.
Mise-an-dhuit. An exclamation (literally, “Me today!”).
Mo chridhe. An endearment (literally, “My heart”).
Mo thruigh. An exclamation (literally, “My sorrow!”).
Mor (or mhor). Great, large.
Nathrach. Serpent.
Seach. Interjection: “Yes?” “Well—” “Truly!” “Really?”
Sgian dhu. Black knife: a small dagger usually worn in the top of the right stocking by men, just below the knee on the outside, where it is most convenient to reach.
Slaoightire. Scoundrel.
Uruisg (plural, uruisgean). A hobgoblin; sometimes thought to be half human, half hobgoblin. A most disagreeable fellow, in any case.

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