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 The Crow had scarcely left the room when there was another knock, and without waiting for a reply the Cockatoo burst into the room in a fine . She was followed by the Kangaroo and Oom Hi.  
“Look at them! Look at them!” she out, “did you ever see such objects in all your life. What a color!”
“Hm! Eggshell blue,” said the Kangaroo, examining the Wallypug critically. “Very extraordinary . Never seen a face that shade before.”
“The other one is worse,” declared the Cockatoo, pointing at me . “I always knew he was something disreputable. I believe,” she added, sinking her voice into a whisper, “I believe he has let himself out as an advertisement for Stephen’s Blue-black Ink, or Ricket’s Paris Blue. What depravity. Down with him! Duck him in the pond! Scrub him with sandpaper! Boil him!” and so she went on.
“What’s all this bother about?” I exclaimed. “Don’t you see that his is engaged. If you don’t immediately go about your business I will have you put out of the room.”
“Oh! will you indeed,” exclaimed the Cockatoo excitedly, “I should like to see you attempt it. It strikes me that you are the one that will be put out. We can stand a good deal down here, but a hatless object with a blue face. Ough!”
“Here, come and do your duty,” she shouted, going to the door, and the two Crocodiles entered and caught hold of me roughly by the collar. “Bring them out into the courtyard,” shouted the infuriated bird, and before I could protest I was bundled unceremoniously out of the house by the Crocodiles, the Kangaroo and Oom Hi following with the Wallypug.
“Now then,” said the Cockatoo, stopping before a large tub of water which stood on the ground, “see what soap and water will do.”
The Kangaroo about and discovered a small hard piece of yellow soap, and Oom Hi brought a good sized sponge, and together they gave the poor little Wallypug such a scrubbing as I should think he had never had before in all his life.
“Ough! ough!” spluttered his Majesty. “You’re putting it all in my eyes. Oh, ach! do-o-on’t! Stop! I say, do leave off. Ough!”
The poor little fellow was nearly choked.
Oom Hi sponged the soap away and the Cockatoo stared critically at the poor Wallypug, who stood there with the water streaming from his face and the tips of his fingers.
“Hasn’t done the slightest good,” she declared; “better scrape him with a putty knife, I think.”
“Stop a minute!” said the Kangaroo, “I have it,” and he went up and whispered something in Oom Hi’s ear.
“Capital! capital! go and fetch a bottle,” cried Oom Hi, and the Kangaroo rushed off, returning a minute later with a large bottle marked Vimbril.
“Oh! don’t! don’t!” cried the poor Wallypug. “I’m not going to take any of that stuff. It killed the lady who called herself my Sister-in-Law you know, and it made the Doctor-in-Law ill. Take it away.”
“Of course you are not going to take any, Wallypug,” said Oom Hi , “but there will be no harm in trying the effect upon your . It might make you the proper co............
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