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II From the spot my spirit springs into space
 From the spot my spirit springs into space, The while my body sleeping lies;
My ghost is gone in God's good grace,
Adventuring mid1 mysteries;
I know not what might be the place,
But I looked where tall cliffs cleave2 the skies,
Toward a forest I turned my face,
Where ranks of radiant rocks arise.
A man might scarce believe his eyes,
Such gleaming glory was from them sent;
No woven web may men devise
Of half such wondrous3 beauties blent.
In beauty shone each fair hillside
With crystal cliffs in shining row,
While bright woods everywhere abide4,
Their boles as blue as indigo5;
Like silver clear the leaves spread wide,
That on each spray thick-quivering grow;
If a flash of light across them glide6
With shimmering7 sheen they gleam and glow;
The gravel8 on the ground below
Seemed precious pearls of Orient;
The sunbeams did but darkling show
So gloriously those beauties blent.
The beauty of the hills so fair
Made me forget my sufferings;
I breathed fruit fragrance9 fine and rare,
As if I fed on unseen things;
Brave birds fly through the woodland there,
Of flaming hues10, and each one sings;
With their mad mirth may not compare
Cithern nor gayest citole-strings;
For when those bright birds beat their wings,
They sing together, all content;
Keen joy to any man it brings
To hear and see such beauties blent.
So beautiful was all the wood
Where, guided forth11 by Chance, I strayed,
There is no tongue that fully12 could
Describe it, though all men essayed.
Onward13 I walked in merriest mood
Nor any highest hill delayed
My feet. Far through the forest stood
The plain with fairest trees arrayed,
Hedges and slopes and rivers wide,
Like gold thread their banks' garnishment14;
And when I won the waterside,
Dear Lord! what wondrous beauties blent!
The beauties of that stream were steep,
All-radiant banks of beryl bright;
Sweet-sighing did the water sweep,
With murmuring music running light;
Within its bed fair stones lay deep;
As if through glass they glowed, as white
As streaming stars when tired men sleep
Shine in the sky on a winter night.
Pure emerald even the pebbles15 seemed,
Sapphire16, or other gems17 that lent
Luster18, till all the water gleamed
With the glory of such beauties blent.

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