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 It happened just as Chirpy Cricket had expected. Betsy Butterfly arrived at the party with her admirer, Joseph Bumble, buzzing close behind her. Although he had not been invited, he did not feel the least bit shy about coming.  
"Being of a royal family, I never wait to be asked to a place," he had explained loftily to Betsy. "And you'll see that everybody will be glad to see me at the party. People always consider it an honor to have me at their entertainments."
Joseph's words proved partly true, anyhow. Anyone could see that Joseph able was more than welcome. Chirpy Cricket and Daddy Longlegs—as well good many others—rushed up to him and told him how pleased they were to see him.
And Joseph Bumble was having a very agreeable time talking in a loud voice about himself and his family when he suddenly stopped short. A look of displeasure crossed his face. And Daddy Longlegs asked him if he had eaten something that disagreed with him.
"No!" replied Joseph Bumble. "I've been interrupted. And it's hardly the sort of treatment a person of royal blood—like myself—expects to receive at a party."
"Who interrupted you?" Chirpy Cricket inquired.
"I don't know," Joseph Bumble answered. "But someone was talking in a loud voice."
"Are you sure it wasn't yourself thatp. 75 you heard?" Daddy Longlegs wanted to know.
"Certainly not!" cried Joseph. "Don't be silly! Don't you suppose I know my own voice when I hear it?"
"Perhaps it was your echo that you heard," Daddy ventured.
At that Joseph Bumble rudely turned his back on him and beg............
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