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 Towards the close of day Madame de Menon arrived at a small village among the mountains, where she purposed to pass the night. The evening was fine, and the romantic beauty of the surrounding scenery invited her to walk. She followed the of a stream, which was lost at some distance amongst luxuriant of chesnut. The rich colouring of evening glowed through the dark , which spreading a gloom around, offered a scene congenial to the present temper of her mind, and she entered the shades. Her thoughts, by the surrounding objects, gradually sunk into a pleasing and , and she was insensibly led on. She still followed the course of the stream to where the deep shades , and the scene again opening to day, yielded to her a view so various and , that she paused in thrilling and wonder. A group of wild and rocks rose in a semicircular form, and their fantastic shapes exhibited Nature in her most sublime and striking attitudes. Here her vast magnificence elevated the mind of the to enthusiasm. Fancy caught the thrilling sensation, and at her touch the towering steeps became shaded with unreal glooms; the caves more darkly frowned—the projecting cliffs assumed a more terrific aspect, and the wild overhanging waved to the in deeper . The scene inspired madame with reverential , and her thoughts involuntarily rose, 'from Nature up to Nature's God.' The last dying gleams of day the rocks and shone upon the waters, which retired through a channel and were lost afar among the cliffs. While she listened to their distant , a voice of liquid and sweetness arose from among the rocks; it sung an air, whose melancholy expression all her attention, and captivated her heart. The tones and died faintly away among the clear, yet echoes which the rocks repeated with an effect like that of . Madame looked around in search of the sweet warbler, and observed at some distance a peasant girl seated on a small of the rock, overshadowed by sycamores. She moved slowly towards the spot, which she had almost reached, when the sound of her steps startled and silenced the syren, who, on perceiving a stranger, arose in an attitude to depart. The voice of madame arrested her, and she approached. Language cannot paint the sensation of madame, when in the disguise of a peasant girl, she the features of Julia, whose eyes lighted up with sudden recollection, and who sunk into her arms overcome with joy. When their first emotions were , and Julia had received answers to her enquiries concerning Ferdinand and Emilia, she led madame to the place of her . This was a cottage, in a close valley surrounded by mountains, whose cliffs appeared wholly to mortal foot. The deep of the scene dissipated at once madame's wonder that Julia had so long remained undiscovered, and excited surprize how she had been able to explore a spot thus deeply ; but madame observed with extreme concern, that the of Julia no longer wore the smile of health and gaiety. Her fine features had received the impressions not only of melancholy, but of grief. M............
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