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Chapter V
 A few days after this, Hedwig gave Tell a good talking to on the subject of his love for adventure. He was sitting at the door of his house mending an . Hedwig, as usual, was washing up. Walter and William were playing with a little cross-bow not far off.  
"Father," said Walter.
"Yes, my boy?"
"My bow-string has ." ("Bust" was what all Swiss boys said when they meant "broken.")
"You must mend it yourself, my boy," said Tell. "A sportsman always helps himself."
"What I say," said Hedwig, out of the house, "is that a boy of his age has no business to be shooting. I don't like it."
"Nobody can shoot well if he does not begin to practise early. Why, when I was a boy--I remember on one occasion, when--"
"What I say," interrupted Hedwig, "is that a boy ought not to want always to be shooting, and what not. He ought to stay at home and help his mother. And I wish you would set them a better example."
"Well, the fact is, you know," said Tell, "I don't think Nature meant me to be a stay-at-home and that sort of thing. I couldn't be a herdsman if you paid me. I shouldn't know what to do. No; everyone has his special line, and mine is hunting. Now, I can hunt."
"A nasty, dangerous occupation," said Hedwig. "I don't like to hear of your being lost on ice-fields, and leaping from crag to crag, and what not. Some day, mark my words, if you are not careful, you will fall down a , or be overtaken by an , or the ice will break while you are crossing it. There are a thousand ways in which you might get hurt."
"A man of ready wit with a quick eye," replied Tell , "never gets hurt. The mountain has no terror for her children. I am a child of the mountain."
"You are certainly a child!" snapped Hedwig. "It is no use my arguing with you."
"Not very much," agreed Tell, "for I am just off to the town. I have an appointment with your papa and some other gentlemen."
(I forgot to say so before, but Hedwig was the daughter of Walter Fürst.)
"Now, what are you and papa plotting?" asked Hedwig. "I know there is something going on. I suspected it when papa brought Werner Stauffacher and the other man here, and you wouldn't let me listen. What is it? Some dangerous scheme, I suppose?"
"Now, how in the world do you get those sort of ideas into your head?" Tell laughed. "Dangerous scheme! As if I should plot dangerous schemes with your papa!"
"I know," said Hedwig. "You can't deceive me! There is a plot afoot against the Governor, and you are in it."
"A man must help his country."
"They're sure to place you where there is most danger. I know them. Don't go. Send Walter down with a note to say that you regret that an unfortunate previous engagement, which you have just , will make it impossible for you to accept their kind invitation to plot."
"No; I must go."
"And there is another thing," continued Hedwig: "Gessler the Governor is in the town now."
"He goes away to-day."
"Well, wait till he has gone. You must not meet him. He bears you ."
"To me his malice cannot do much harm. I do what's right, and fear no enemy."
"Those who do right," said Hedwig, "are those he hates the most. And you know he has never forgiven you for speaking like that when you met him in the ravine. Keep away from the town for to-day. Do anything else. Go hunting, if you will."
"No," said Tell; "I promised. I must go. Come along, Walter."
"You aren't going to take that poor dear child? Come here, Walter, directly minute!'
"Want to go with father," said Walter, beginning to cry, for his father had promised to take him with him the next time he went to the town, and he had saved his pocket-money for the occasion.
"Oh, let the boy come," said Tell. "William will stay with you, won't you, William?"
"All right, father," said William.
"Well, mark my words," said Hedwig, "if something bad does not happen I shall be surprised."
"Oh no," said Tell. "What can happen?"
And without further delay he set off with Walter for the town.

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