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 This book is intended no less for those who do sleep well than for those who do not. It is just as important to be able to teach others to act well as to be able to do so ourselves. To teach we must and comprehend our own action and its : for being able to do a thing well is far different from being able to teach it. In order to teach anything we must know how we do it and why others cannot do it. We never know anything until we have tried to teach it to another.  
Many persons sleep well only because they are still, like little children and animals, in the unreflective stage of life. That is the stage of the Natural Man, and it is good in itself; but later the mental life awakes, when consciousness of one’s self begins, and examination of one’s own desires develops. If not rightly understood or if not at least accepted, that development brings anxiety, unrest and of sleep, and breaks the harmony of the whole nature.
The highest stage of development is the spiritual, the all-conscious state which includes and harmonizes the other two. In that we do notxiv lose the ready, of our bodily exercises and functions; rather they are ; the physical and the mental are united in the complete life.
In order to this harmony we must examine the means that we and others use to gain rest and peace; some of these are and some prudential, and we must perceive why it is that these means work or fail to work in different cases. When, with all our getting, we have gotten this understanding, then, and not till then, all action becomes natural and , for then we understand it all, and follow willingly the leading of the Spirit that is in Man.
Care-charmer Sleep, son of the Night,
Brother to Death, in silent darkness born.
Samuel Daniel.

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