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 Of course Johnnie Green was very slow the first time he milked the Muley Cow. For a few minutes his father stood beside him and told him a few things that he needed to know. And then Farmer Green went away and left Johnnie to do his best all alone.  
"Now's your chance!" the little red cow said to the Muley Cow. "Upset the boy before Farmer Green comes back!"
But the Muley Cow didn't even stop chewing her cud long enough to answer. She looked so mild and that no one would have guessed she was wishing more than ever that she had jumped the fence and lost herself in the back pasture. It seemed to her that Johnnie Green never would finish milking her.
"I hope he'll be done with me by dark," she said to herself. "I wouldn't like to lose any of my night's rest."
Yet she never let anybody know that she was impatient. She stood as still as she could, only lifting a foot and stamping now and then when some fly was too bothersome. And she never switched her tail except when a fly gave her an unusually hard bite. To be sure, once she brought the end of her tail across Johnnie Green's cheek. But that was a mistake. Though it stung sharply, all Johnnie Green said was, "So, boss! So, boss!"
She was glad when Farmer Green came back at last, peeped into the pail that Johnnie was clutching between his knees, and said, "Well, you haven't done badly. But you'd better let me finish for you."
So Johnnie slipped off the three-legged stool and watched while his father sat down and got the rest of the Muley Cow's milk in no time.
"Farmer Green milked eight cows while that lazy boy was puttering with you," the little red cow said to the Muley Cow.
"Well, well! I suppose Farmer Green had to learn to milk when he was a boy," the Muley Cow replied, as she a big fly off her back. "And this boy of his," she added, "he's going to be a good milker—once he gets the of it."
Just then Johnnie Green came down the long passageway in front of the cows. He stopped in front of the Muley Cow and offered her a piece of an early apple—one of the first ripe ones of the summer.
She accepted the gift with much pleasure, while her neighbors on either side, stirred restlessly as she the apple. They said nothing just then. But anybody could see that they wished Johnnie Green would let them have a taste too.
"She earned it," the big white cow told the little red cow, later. "She had to stand still at least three-quarters of an hour, while that boy was trying to milk her."
The little red cow gave a slight . "No doubt the apple was sour, anyhow," she muttered.
The Muley Cow couldn't help hearing what her two neighbors were saying. And although she was a well-mannered person and had a , she couldn't resist telling them that the apple was sweet and juicy.
"If you had had a taste of it you would agree with me," said the Muley Cow.

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