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 “Boys, if you could only get moving pictures of the capture of the wreckers!”  
Thus exclaimed Mr. Ringold when his two young employees told of the plans afoot and asked to be excused from work a little longer.
“It would be great,” admitted Joe.
“But we’d need a powerful light,” said Blake, “and if we had that it would warn the men we’re after.”
“That’s so,” the man. “I guess it’s out of the question. But you have done such wonderful work so far, that I’d like you to keep it up. A film of the capture of wreckers would make an audience sit up and take notice.”
“I guess I’ll have to invent some sort of a light that would make it possible,” put in Mr. Hadley; “but I’m afraid I can’t have it ready to-night.”
“Then you don’t mind if we go?” asked Blake.
“No, indeed!” exclaimed Mr. Ringold, “and I wish you all success.”
“It’s going to be a dark night,” remarked Blake, a little later, as he and Joe were on their way to the lighthouse. It was early evening, but the sky was clouding over and a wind was coming up that sent the big billows bounding up on the sand with a booming noise like the discharge of distant .
“Yes, we’ll have to sort of feel our way along,” said Joe. “But I guess we can find the place, all right.”
“I hope so. But I wonder if the men will come back after the alarm we gave ’em?”
“That’s hard to tell, Blake. And yet they might; for, though they saw us, they may think we were only a couple of lads out for a stroll, who accidentally stumbled on their hiding place. In that case they wouldn’t think we’d give any alarm, and they’d go on with their plans.”
“That’s so. Well, we’ll see what happens. I hope there aren’t too many of them, so that our men can handle them.”
“That Tom Cardiff can get away with a couple on his own account, and with the life saver, and the secret service men, not to mention ourselves, Blake, I guess we’ll make out all right.”
“I reckon you and I together, Joe, can account for at least one,” and Blake looked quizzically at his chum.
“I feel almost as if I could handle one alone, when I think of how they got my father into trouble,” replied the other. “I’m going to give a good account of myself, if I get the chance.”
“Same here. Well, there’s the lighthouse just ahead, and two or three men waiting for us. I guess they’re the ones we are to go with.”
This proved to be the case, and a little later the boys were repeating to the life saver, and two secret service men, such parts of their story as Mr. Stanton and Tom Cardiff had omitted or forgotten.
“Well, if we’re all ready, we may as well start,” proposed Sam Wilton, one of the government agents. The other was Jerry Boundley, while the name of the life saver was Frank Hale.
“Yes, it’s quite a tramp,” said Tom Cardiff, “and the wreckers may be there now. Several small trading are expected up the coast this week, and some may be due to-night. Though seeing that a storm is coming up, they may keep so far out from shore that they won’t see the false lights, in case the wreckers try to work them.
“This is about as wicked a piece of work as could well be done, trying to vessels this way. A sailor has to depend absolutely on the lights, under certain conditions, and if they’re 147wrong, it’s like leading a blind man into danger. So let’s get after ’em and stop their work!”
The men well knew the way nearly to the place where the boys had discovered the wreckers at work, and so they would not have to rely on Joe and Blake to guide them until they were almost there.
“When you see that you are close to the place,” said Tom Cardiff, “you boys go ahead, and we’ll trail along after you. And keep quiet, ............
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