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 Joe Duncan leaped to his chum’s side. Eagerly he looked at the bit of cloth which, caught on a thorn bush, had ripped from some man’s garment. The cloth was not weather-beaten, which, to the boys, showed that it had not long been hanging there.  
“Blake, I believe you’re right,” his chum. “They went this way, and they must have done it for a blind, or else to get to some path that goes farther down the beach a different way,” for the cloth was caught on a bush toward the landward side of the little clearing.
“We’ll follow this,” said Blake.
“Of course,” agreed his chum.
They pushed into the bushes. There was no of a path, but this did not discourage the boys. They realized that the wreckers would want to cover up their trail, and would take a way that would not seem to lead anywhere.
“This will branch off pretty soon,” was Blake’s opinion. “This is just a blind, to make us believe they have given up, and gone inland. Come on, Joe, and keep a sharp for any other signs.”
They found none for some time, and then they came to a little open place where the soft ground held several footprints.
“We’re getting warmer!” exclaimed Joe.
“Hush!” cautioned his chum. “They may hear us.”
“Why, you don’t think they’re around here; do you?”
“There’s no telling. It’s best to be on the safe s............
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