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 “You say there’s a ?” cried Blake.  
“Yes, we just made her out through the glass. She’s driving on the rocks fast. The current is setting inshore and the wind is it.”
“Where is she?” asked Joe.
“Right down there,” answered the life guard. “But she’ll come up farther this way,” and he down toward the rocks opposite which the boys had first surprised the wreckers at work.
“I’ve got to give the alarm,” went on the life saver. “We need all the help we can get. We’re short-handed, anyhow, and two of our men were hurt early this morning trying to launch the surf-boat.”
“Can’t you get some of the fishermen from around here?” asked Joe.
“That’s what I came for.”
“And we’ll help, too!” cried Blake, himself by leaning against the wind, which seemed to grow stronger every minute.
“Sure we will,” added Joe. “Can you see the ?” he asked, peering eagerly into the spume and spray.
“Maybe she’s drifted far enough up by now,” went on the coast guard, as he looked intently in the direction he had pointed. “Yes,” he cried a moment later, “I can catch glimpses of her at times, when the waves go down a bit. See! There she is now!”
Looking in the direction the guard pointed, Blake and Joe caught a glimpse of a distant black object rising and falling at the mercy of the wind and waves. It was the of a vessel, and when Blake used the glass the guard handed him a moment later, he could see the jagged of broken masts.
“She’s in a bad way,” remarked the lad, gravely.
“Indeed she is,” the life saver.
“I wonder if my father is in any such storm as this, on his way to China?” Joe, as he, too, looked through the .
“It’s a bad storm—and a big one, too,” said the guard. “But I must hurry on and give the alarm to the fishermen. The ship will strike soon, and we want to send a line aboard if we can.”
“Wait!” cried Blake, as the man started off. “We’ll tell the fishermen. You can go back to the station. We’ll come to help as soon as we can, and bring all the men we can find.”
“Good!” shouted the man. “It’ll take some time to get the in shape, and we’ll have to drag it up the beach from the station, to about the place where she’ll come on the rocks. Go ahead, give the alarm, and I’ll go back. Whew! But this is a fierce storm!”
“Come on!” cried Blake to his chum, and they raced toward the little fishing hamlet.
“Say!” shouted Joe. “I’ve got an idea!”
“What is it?”
“The wreck—it’ll come close on shore, the guard says; why not make some moving pictures of it? They’ll be just what Mr. Hadley wants.”
“That’s it!” yelled Blake. “You’ve struck it. Go on and tell Mr. Ringold, Mr. Hadley and the others, and I’ll get the fishermen. Then we’ll go down the beach until we meet the life savers. It’s a great chance, Joe!”
The lads separate............
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