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My Fust Pair of Copper Toed Boots
      THAR'S a feelin' of pleasure, mixed in with some pain,  
     That over my memory scoots,
     When I think of my boyhood days once again
     And my fust pair of copper1 toed boots.
     How our folks stood around when I fust tried them on,
     And bravely marched out on the floor,
     And father remarked "thar a mighty2 good fit
     And the best to be had at the store."
     That night, I remember, I took them to bed,
     With the rest of us little galoots,
     And among other things in my prars which I sed
     Wuz a reference to copper toed boots.
     And then in the mornin' the fust one on hand
     Wuz me and my new acquisition,
     And thar wuzn't a spot in the house that I missed,
     From the garret clar down to the kitchen.
     Then with feelin's expandin', and huntin' fer room,
     I concluded I'd h............
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