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Chapter 3 Why Likability Works
If people like you, they feel natural and comfortablearound you. They will give you their attention andhappily open up for you.

Likability has something to do with how you look buta lot more to do with how you make people feel. My oldnanny, who brought me up to be passionate about people,used to talk about having "a sunny disposition."She'd take me out on the promenade, and we'd spot thepeople who had sunny dispositions and all those whowere "sourpusses." She told me we can choose what wewant to be, and then we'd laugh at the sourpussesbecause they looked so serious.

Likable people give loud and clear signals of theirwillingness to be sociable; they reveal that their publiccommunication channels are open. Embedded in thesesignals is evidence of self-confidence, sincerity andtrust. Likable people expose a warm, easygoing publicface with an outgoing radiance that states, "I am readyto connect. I am open for business." They are welcomingand friendly, and they get other people's attention.

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