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Chapter 1 The meeting
  13The GreetingWe call the first few seconds of contact the "greeting."Greetings are broken into five parts: Open—Eye—Beam—Hi!—Lean. These five actions constitute a welcomingprogram to carry out in a first encounter.

Open. The first part of the greeting is to open yourattitude and your body. For this to work successfully,you must have already decided on a positive attitudethat's right for you. This is the time to really feel andbe aware of it.

Check to see that your body language is open. If youhave the right attitude, this should take care of itself.

Keep your heart aimed directly at the person you'remeeting. Don't cover your heart with your hands orarms and, when possible, unbutton your jacket or coat.

Eye. The second part of the greeting involves youreyes. Be first with eye contact. Look this new persondirectly in the eye. Let your eyes reflect your positiveattitude. To state the obvious: eye contact is real contact!

14Get used to really looking at other people's eyes.

When you're watching TV one evening, note theeye color of as many people as possible and saythe name of the color to yourself. The next day,do the same with every person you meet, lookinghim or her straight in the eye.

Beam. This part is closely related to eye contact.

Beam! Be the first to smile. Let your smile reflect yourattitude.

Now you've gained the other person's attentionthrough your open body language, your eye contact andyour beaming smile. What that person is picking up subconsciouslyis an impression not of some grinning,gawking fool (though you may briefly fear you look likeone!) but of someone who is completely sincere.

Hi! Whether it's "Hi!" or "Hello!" or even &quo............
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