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Chapter 2 Rapport by Chance
Perhaps you have traveled abroad to a country wherepeople don't speak your language and you don'tunderstand theirs. You feel a little uncomfortable—evensuspicious—when you can't be understood. Then suddenlyyou meet someone from your own country, maybeyour own state. This person speaks your language, andwhammo, you have a new best friend—for your vacationat least. You might share experiences, opinions, insights,where to find the best restaurants and bargains. You willdoubtless exchange personal information about family30and work. All this and much more because you share alanguage. That's rapport by chance. Maybe your enthusiasmwill lead you to continue that friendship afterreturning home, only to discover that apart from languageand location the two of you have nothing in commonand the relationship fizzles out all by itself.
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