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Chapter 4 Triggering Happy Memories
You know how certain sounds can remind you of somethingspecial in your life? When I was eight, my mothertook me to a resort where I stood next to a man makingfresh doughnuts while Paul Anka sang "Diana" in the background.

Now, whenever I hear this song, it triggers the smellof fresh doughnuts and the memory of that happy holiday.

It's the song that triggers the memory. A trigger can be asound or something visual. It can also be a feeling oraction. And believe it or not, it can be a clenched fist.

Follow the steps below, and you'll see what I mean. Usethe hand you write with and clench your fist tightly. Thenrelease. Repeat the action a couple of times. This will beyour trigger.

1. Pick a Really Useful Attitude—one that you know will beuseful when you first meet someone. It can be curious,resourceful, warm or patient, or any attitude you thinkwill work for you. But it must be one that you haveexperienced at some time in your life and can recallon demand.

2. Find a comfortable spot, quiet and not too bright, whereyou won't be disturbed for 10 minutes. Sit down, placeboth feet on the floor, breathe slowly into your abdomen(not your chest) and relax. -.

423. Now you're ready. Close your eyes and picture a time inyour life when you felt the attitude you have chosen.

In your mind's eye, make a picture of this specific event.

Put in all the detail you can remember. What was in theforeground and background? Is the picture sharp or fuzzy,black-and-white or color? Is it large or small? Take yourtime and make it as real as you can. Now step into thatpicture and look out through your own eyes. Take note ofwhat you see.

4. Next, bring up the sounds associated with this picture.

Notice where the sounds come from: the left, the right, infront or behind? How loud or soft are they? What kinds ofsounds are they? Music? Voices? Listen to the tone andthe volume and the rhythm. Listen deeply, and the soundswill come flooding back. Listen to the quality of eachsound and try to hear how it contributes to your chosenattitude.

5. Bring in the physical sensations associated with the event:

the feel of the things around you, the air temperature,your clothing, your hair, what you're standing or sittingon. Next, notice the feelings inside your body. Wheredo they begin? Perhaps they move around in your body.

Move your concentration deep into these wonderfulfeelings and enjoy them. Ride with them. Notice anysmells and tastes that want to be included, and savorthem, too. -*436.

With your "outside" eyes still closed, look out throughyour "inside" eyes again at the scene. Make the picturessharper, brighter, bolder and bigger. Make the soundsstronger, clearer, purer and more per............
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