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Category: Comprehensive Novel  Author:Toni Morrison 

"you of the love is too strong!" -- an impossible repeated story!!!!!! Female slaves plug wire with pregnant alone from Kentucky slave manor fled to Cincinnati, Ohio, slave owners trace chase to follow; In order to make children do not repeat the sad fate of a slave, she resolutely killed himself just will climb young pet... Eightee...

TAG: Classical Novels

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Of Mice and Men

Category: Comprehensive Novel  Author:John Steinbeck 

Of Mice And Men (Of Mice And Men), American novel, published in 1937, is the American writer John Steinbeck's works. Story is simple, cover time not more than three days, place is an American California a pasture. Describe two mutual support good friend (George had cheated the boss they are Cousins) - one who is smart George (George...

TAG: Classical Novels

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The Analects

Category: Comprehensive Novel  Author:Confucius 

the analects of Confucius is recorded a famous ancient Chinese thinkers kong zi and the disciple of the words and deeds sayings, forty volumes, by Confucius' disciple and to preach disciple write in ancient times, it is one of the Confucian classics, is pioneering sayings body. The Chinese model of sex also comes from this, the Confuci...

TAG: Short Stories

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Category: Comprehensive Novel  Author:Joseph Heller 

the article 22 military regulations "is a serious and strong satire novels. Through the novel,, Joseph heller will his eyes American society show in the eyes of readers. The society is a kind of organized chaos, a kind of institutionalization of the madness, the social all obey only "article 22 military regulations" absurd logical. Suc...

TAG: Short Stories Classical Novels

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Bel Ami

Category: Comprehensive Novel  Author:Guy de Maupassant 

farmers origin, he tread, cold cruel, with beautiful appearance lone striker Paris, hang around with in Paris your wife's circle, like a duck to water, show the scenes incontinent farce. And those wearing a cuckold husband have rushed to commend ourselves, DiQie him, he quickly into high society, became a political nouveau riche. The n...

TAG: Short Stories Short Stories

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