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 This was not home, but it had to do. The parents came to England as often as they could, but even when they did, that was not home either. When Mrs Turing returned in spring 1915, she took the boys into furnished and serviced rooms in St Leonards – gloomy places decorated by samplers embroidered with the more sacrificial kind of hymn. By this time Alan could talk, and proved himself the kind of little boy who could attract the attention of strangers with precocious, rather penetratingly high-pitched comments, but also a naughty and wilful one, in whom winning ways could rapidly give way to tantrums when he was thwarted. Experiment, as with planting his broken toy sailors in the ground, hoping they would grow afresh, was easily confused with naughtiness. Alan was slow to learn that indistinct line that separated initiative from disobedience and resisted the duties of his childhood. Late, untidy and cheeky, he had constant battles with his mother, Nanny and Mrs Ward. 但是不管怎么样,这里都不是家,虽然图灵夫妇尽可能地多回英国,但即便在他们回来时,这个地方也不是家。图灵夫人1915年春天回来时,艾伦已经会说话了,他显得格外早熟,很会吸引别人的注意。在遇到挫折时,他非常倔强。他还把坏掉的木偶种到土里,希望能长出一个新的,不知道他是在做实验还是在故意捣乱。他还慢慢学会控制合作与不合作之间的界线,开始拒绝做一些小孩子该做的事。再后来,他开始动不动就跟南尼或沃德夫人吵嘴。
Mrs Turing returned to India in the autumn of 1915, saying to Alan, 'You'll be a good boy, won't you?', to which Alan replied 'Yes, but sometimes I shall forget!' But this separation was only for six months, for in March 1916 Sahib and Memsahib together braved the U-boats, wearing lifebelts all the way from Suez to Southampton. Mr Turing took his family for a holiday in the Western Highlands, where they stayed in an hotel at Kimelfort, and John was introduced to trout fishing. At the end of his leave, in August 1916, they decided not to risk travelling together again, but instead to separate for the next three-year period. Alan's father returned to India, and his mother resumed a double exile at St Leonards.
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