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 Alan taught himself to read in about three weeks from a book called Reading without Tears. He was quicker, however, to recognise figures, and had an infuriating habit of stopping at every lamp post to identify its serial number. He was one of those many people without a natural sense of left and right, and he made a little red spot on his left thumb, which he called 'the knowing spot'. 艾伦通过一本《快乐阅读》,用三周时间学会了阅读,他还用更短的时间学会了识数,并且养成了一个烦人的习惯:每次走过路灯时,都要停下来看上面的编号。但是,艾伦分不清楚左右,他在左手的拇指上画了一个红点,称为「识别点」,通过它,来判断哪边是左。
He would say that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up – an ambition that would have been agreeable to the Turings, for his father would approve of the fees, and his mother of the distinguished clients and the practice of good works. But he could not learn to be a doctor on his own. It was time for some education. And so in the summer of 1918 Mrs Turing sent him to a private day school called St Michael's, to learn Latin.
George Orwell, who was born nine years earlier but likewise to an ICS father, described himself5 as from 'what you might describe as the lower-upper-middle-class.' Before the war, he wrote: you were either a gentleman or not a gentleman, and if you were a gentleman you struggled to behave as such, whatever your income might be. … Probably the distinguishing mark of the upper-middle class was that its traditions were not to any extent commercial, but mainly military, official, and professional. People in this class owned no land, but they felt that they were landowners in the sight of God and kept up a semi-aristocratic outlook by going into the professions and the fighting services rather than into trade. Small boys used to count the plum stones on their plates and foretell their destiny by c............
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