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 Hazelhurst was a small establishment of thirty-six boys of ages from nine to thirteen, run by the headmaster Mr Darlington, a Mr Blenkins who taught mathematics, Miss Gillett who taught drawing and music of a Moodey and Sankey variety, and the Matron. John had loved his time there, and now in his last term was head boy. His younger brother proved to be a thorn in the flesh, for Alan found the Hazelhurst regime a distraction. It 'deprived him of his usual occupations, ' as his mother saw it. Now that the whole day was organised into classes, games and meal-times, he had but odd minutes in which to indulge his interests. He arrived with a craze for paper-folding, and when he had shown the other boys what to do, John found himself confronted everywhere with paper frogs and paper boats. Another humiliation followed when Alan's passion for maps was discovered by Mr Darlington. This inspired him to set a geography test to the whole school, in which Alan came sixth, beating his brother, who found geography very borin g. On another occasion Alan sat in the back row at a school concert, choking himself with laughter while John sang Land of Hope and Glory as a solo. 海兹赫斯特是个小学校,由达灵顿先生开办,布兰金先生教数学,姬丽特小姐教画画和各种类型的音乐。这里一共有36名男孩,都是9到13岁这个年龄段的,约翰很喜欢这里,他现在已经读到最后一学期了,是个好学生。然而,他的弟弟来到这里,却感觉如梗在喉,他觉得那些制度剥夺了他的悠闲生活,简直就要把人逼疯。他现在整天就是上课、参加活动和吃饭,没有时间做自己有兴趣的事了。后来有一阵子,他迷上了折纸,开始教其它男孩折纸,约翰回忆说,他当时看到了铺天盖地的纸青蛙和纸船。艾伦对地图的热爱,启发达灵顿先生举办了一场地理竞赛,艾伦得了第六名,约翰觉得地理很无聊,输给了艾伦。还有一回,学校举行音乐会,当约翰独唱《希望与荣耀的土地》时,艾伦在后排笑得差一点呛到。
John left Hazelhurst at Easter for Marlborough, his public school. In the summer, Mr Turing again took the family to Scotland, this time to Lochinver. Alan exercised his knowledge of maps on the mountain paths, and they fished in the loch, Alan now competing with John. The brothers had a good line in non-violent rivalry, as for instance when they played a game to alleviate the awfulness of their grandfather Stoney's visits. This depended upon winning points by leading him on, or heading him away from one of his well-rehearsed club bore stories. And at Lochinver Alan defeated his family in what Mrs Turing considered the rather vulgar after-dinner sport of throwing discarded gooseberry skin............
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