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 Turing's fond of the football field 图灵为什么喜欢冰球场
For geometric problems the touch-lines yield
Later another verse had him 'watching the daisies grow' during hockey, an image which inspired his mother to a whimsical pencil sketch. And although intended as a joke against his dreamy passivity, there might have been a truth in the observation. For something new had happened.
At the end of 1922, some unknown benefactor had given him a book, called Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know.8 Alan told his mother later that this book had opened his eyes to science. Indeed, it must have been the first time that he became conscious that such a kind of knowledge as 'science' existed. But more than that, it opened the book of life. If anything at all can be said to have influenced him, it was this book which, like so many new things, came from the United States.
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