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 In other words, it was about sex and science, starting off with 'How the Chicken got inside the Egg', rambling through 'Some Other Sorts of Eggs' until arriving at 'What Little Boys and Girls are Made Of'. Brewster quoted 'the old nursery rhyme' and said that: It has this much truth in it, that little boys and little girls are far from being alike, and it isn't worth while trying to make either one over into the other. 换句话说,这本书讲到了性科学。它从「鸡怎么进到蛋里」开始谈起,谈到「其他种类的蛋」,直到「男孩和女孩是怎么产生的」。布鲁斯特还说:男孩与女孩确实是有区别的,但不要认为其中一方高于另一方。
The precise nature of this difference was not revealed, and only after a skilful diversion on to the subject of the eggs of starfish and sea-urchins did Brewster eventually arrive back at the human body:
So we are not built like a cement or a wooden house, but like a brick one. We are made of little living bricks. When we grow it is because these living bricks divide into half bricks, and then grow into whole ones again. But how they fi............
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