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 But equally inscrutable, Natural Wonders conspicuously failed to describe where the first cell in the human process came from, only dropping the elusive hint that 'the egg itself arose by the splitting of still another cell which, of course, was part of the parent's body.' The secret was left for the 'perplexed but serious-minded parent' to explain. Mrs Turing's way of dealing with the thorny topic was, in fact, highly consonant with Brewster's, for John at least was the recipient at Hazelhurst of a special letter starting with the birds and the bees, and ending with instructions 'not to go off the rails'. Presumably Alan was informed in the same way. 还有一件事,《自然奇迹》也没说清楚,那就是人的第一块砖是从哪来的。它只给出了一个让人不解的暗示,说:「蛋本身也是来自一个细胞的分裂,当然,这是母亲身体的一部分。」这个过程的细节,就要留给那些「严肃而困惑的父母」来解答了。图灵夫人在这个棘手的问题上,也像布鲁斯特一样,采取了隐晦的手法。她给在海兹赫斯特的约翰写了一封信,以鸟和蜜蜂开始,以「不要越轨」结束。可以想见,艾伦应该也是被用同样的方式教育的。
In other ways, however, Natural Wonders was indeed 'very modern', and certainly no little 'nature book'. It conveyed the idea that there had to be a reason for the way things were, and that the reason came not from God but from science. Long passages explained why little boys liked throwing things and little girls liked babies, and derived from the pattern of the living world the ideal of a Daddy to go out to work at the office and a Mama to stay at home. This picture of respectable American life was rather remote from the training of the sons of Indian civil servants, but more relevant to Alan was a picture of the brain:
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