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 Jimmy Rabbit set Freddie Firefly's fears at rest.  
"I happen to know," said he, "that Betsy Butterfly has a picture of herself."
"Are you sure?" Freddie asked him eagerly.
"I ought to be," replied Jimmy Rabbit, "because I painted it myself, the very next day after I finished a portrait of old Mr. Crow."
"It ought to be a good one, if you made it," said Freddie. "But wasn't it some time ago that you were an artist?"
"It was earlier in the summer," Jimmy Rabbit admitted. "Of course, Betsy Butterfly has changed somewhat since then. But this picture was a fine of her at the time I painted it.... I suppose," he added, "I was the first one in the whole valley to perceive that she was going to be a beauty when she got her full growth."
"Do you suppose she'll send me the picture, if I ask her, so I can show it to Dusty ?" Freddie asked.
Jimmy Rabbit looked a bit doubtful. He pondered for a few moments. And then he said:
"I'll tell you what I'll do! To-morrow morning I'll see Betsy and I've no doubt that she'll loan me the picture if I promise to return it to her."
"That'll be great!" cried Freddie. "Meet me near the duck pond as soon as it's dark to-morrow night; and be sure to bring Betsy's picture with you!"
Then Freddie Firefly hurried off to find Dusty Moth, who happened likewise to be looking for him, because he had a question to ask.
They met shortly. And Dusty Moth immediately cried:
"Have you heard from her?"—meaning Betsy Butterfly, of course.
"Now, see here!" Freddie Firefly said. &............
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