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 When Jimmy Rabbit went to see Betsy Butterfly the next morning he found her quite willing to let him take her picture away with him.  
"But I must say—" Betsy remarked—"I must say that I don't understand why anybody should want to borrow this old portrait. Everyone tells me I have changed a great deal since you made it."
"That's true," Jimmy Rabbit agreed. "But the person to whom I'm going to show it won't know the difference."
"I don't believe he knows me, then," she remarked.
"No! And probably he never will," said Jimmy Rabbit. "But don't you worry about that! From what I hear of him, he's a good deal of a bore."
"Don't bother to bring back that picture!" she called to Jimmy Rabbit as he away.
"I'm afraid Betsy Butterfly is growing vain," he murmured to himself. "To be sure, she has changed. But I shall always like this portrait of her, because I painted it myself."
Later, when he was in Farmer Green's garden, he wrapped the picture carefully in a rhubarb leaf and hid it beneath a pile of brush. And he didn't come back for it until after dark, just as the moon peeped above the of the hills.
At the duck pond Jimmy Rabbit found Freddie Firefly waiting for him, up and down and flashing his light through the gloom.
"Did you get it?" Freddie demanded.
"It's safe in my pocket," Jimmy assured him.
"Let me have it!" said Freddie. "Dusty is waiting for me at the fence-corner, near the . And I want to give him a good look at Betsy Butterfly's picture before the moon gets too high, for ............
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