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 Billy Woodchuck was a great deal wiser than the Muley Cow had ever suspected. She had thought she could frighten him. By telling him that he couldn't see well because he had eaten too much clover, she actually expected to keep him out of the clover-patch. So she had a great surprise when he said to her:  
"You must be mistaken. I know there's nothing the matter with my eyes, because I can see right through you!"
The Muley Cow knew then that she had only been wasting words on Billy Woodchuck. She realized that she hadn't frightened him in the least. And she felt sure that the moment her back was turned he would into the clover-patch and nip off as many of the juicy red tops as he could hold.
So she turned away. And sure enough! The moment she moved aside, out of his path, Billy Woodchuck made a bee line for the fence. He was under it in a twinkling.
And the Muley Cow knew what was happening to the clover-tops.
"There's only one thing to do," she to herself. "I'll speak to old dog Spot about this Woodchuck ."
So she did, that very evening. When Spot came to drive the cows home she told him that there was a young son of Mrs. Woodchuck who spent most of his tim............
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