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 It was a long time since the Muley Cow had jumped the pasture fence. By making her wear a for a while Farmer Green had taught her to behave herself. But there came a day, finally, when she made up her mind that just one more jump wouldn't do any great harm.  
There had been a strong wind during the night, which had whipped a good many red apples off the trees. It was when the Muley Cow smelled them that she that she would jump the fence. She wanted to get into the before anybody could pick up the apples and take them to the cider mill. So over the fence went the Muley Cow.
She had a pleasant time eating apples—until something happened to put an end to her feast. Something kept the Muley Cow from swallowing another mouthful.
It was lucky that Johnnie Green felt hungry. He went to the orchard himself to fill his pockets with apples, when he saw the Muley Cow—his own Muley Cow—acting in the strangest manner. She was staggering about among the trees and making the queerest sounds.
Johnnie Green ran quickly to the barn and called to his father. "There's something wrong with the Muley Cow!"
"Where is she?" his father asked him.
"In the orchard!" Johnnie said.
Farmer Green caught up a whip—a whip with a long and a limber stock. With Johnnie following him he ran out of the barn, across the yard, and into the orchard. "Don't whip her for jump............
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