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 Nobody had ever supposed that the Muley Cow had much courage. In many ways she seemed quite timid. Perhaps if she had had horns she would have been different. Anyhow, whenever anything startled her the only thing she ever did was to run away, if she could. If old dog Spot barked at her heels the Muley Cow always hurried to get out of reach of his snapping . If Farmer Green shouted at her she was more than likely to mind him. And usually she even did as Johnnie Green told her to do. In all her life she was never known to fight. Yet there came a time when many of her friends claimed that she was very brave indeed.  
On a crisp fall evening a terrible, grinning fellow known as O'Lantern appeared about the . Johnnie Green, at least, did not fear him, in spite of his flaming features. For Johnnie and Jack spent the whole evening together. Whenever the of a sounded from the road, the two rushed out to the gate, to be there when the wagon passed.
It was said that strangers seemed to be frightened. Anyhow, shouts were heard. Old dog Spot did a great deal of barking. And Miss Kitty Cat hid under the woodpile. Queer tales travelled like wildfire that night. All the after-dark prowlers knew about Jack O'Lantern. And some of them saw—and feared—him.
After Johnnie Green went to bed Jack sat a long time on a fence post and grinned at the black night. And nobody—except Benjamin Bat—dared go near him.
After a while Jack O'Lantern vanished. His gleaming eyes no longer flashed, his
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