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 The Muley Cow rather enjoyed the talk she caused because she had eaten O'Lantern. And feeling that any one so brave ought not to appear too and mild, she sometimes tried to look as fierce as she could.  
Somehow she could never manage a frown when old dog Spot was about. But if she came across Master Meadow Mouse all alone in the pasture she never failed to at him and ask him in a gruff tone what he was doing there.
When she first to him like that Master Meadow Mouse was startled.
"I'm only taking a stroll," he piped.
The Muley Cow glared at him for a few moments. She wanted to act ; but unfortunately she could think of nothing more to say. And not wishing to seem at a loss for words, she began to cough.
Before she had stopped coughing Master Meadow Mouse ran away. And that was exactly what the Muley Cow had hoped he would do. It would have been very awkward for her if he had waited until she had stopped coughing. For try as she would, she could think of nothing ferocious to say.
The next time the Muley Cow met Master Meadow Mouse she at him again and stamped her feet at him, so that the ground trembled beneath him. He was too frightened to run. So he stood still and shivered. And that made the Muley Cow quite uncomfortable. Master Meadow Mouse stared at her while he panted with fright. And again the Muley Cow could think of nothing but pleasant remarks to make.
So she began coughing once more. But to her great dismay Master Meadow Mouse didn't run away. And since she couldn't cough forever, but had to stop sometime, she paused to get her breath. And then she asked him............
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