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 All the cows in the barn were much upset. They had heard some news that didn't please them. Farmer Green was going to buy a milking machine!  
"He'll never use it on me," the Muley Cow declared. "None of my family has ever been milked by a machine; and I don't intend to be the first."
Her companions all felt just as she did. If Farmer Green could have listened to their mutterings and rumblings and murmurings he might not have dared bring home any milking machine. But he never dreamed that the whole was against one. As for his son Johnnie—and even the hired man—they had said all along that they thought a milking machine would be a fine thing to have.
The hired man had milked cows all his life—millions of them, so he said! And he told Johnnie that he no longer found any fun in turning out of a warm bed on a cold winter's morning long before daylight, to milk cows.
Now, Johnnie Green had only learned to milk during the summer before. But strange to say, he had already begun to feel somewhat as the hired man did. Milking was not half the sport that it was in the beginning.
The great day came at last when the milking machine arrived. There was an unusual in the cow barn while it was being set up and tested. Since it was winter, the cows had little else to do but watch what was going on—and . They all felt just as they had when they first heard about the new machine—that is, all but the little red cow, who always stood n............
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