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 The new milking machine was all ready to use.  
"Which one are you going to try it on first?" the hired man asked Farmer Green.
"Let's it to the little red cow," said Johnnie Green's father.
The little red cow gave the Muley Cow a sly nudge. "Did you hear that?" she asked. "Farmer Green knows who's fashionable. He chooses me to be first! And it's a great honor."
"Nonsense!" said the Muley Cow. "He picked you because you're the smallest cow on the farm. He thinks you wouldn't dare object to the milking machine.... Just you wait till they try it on me! I'll kick! I'll ! I'll switch my tail at them!"
The little red cow made no reply. Already Farmer Green and the hired man had stepped up beside her. And they were just about to fasten the milking machine to her when the big white cow let out a frightened .
"What's the matter?" the little red cow asked her.
"I was just thinking," she , "what a terrible thing it would be if they couldn't stop the machine!"
That was an awful thought. Such an idea had never entered the red cow's head. And the moment she heard it she no longer wanted to be fashionable. She was so alarmed that she out with both hind[Pg 112] feet in a most unladylike manner. And she and roared and made such a fuss that Farmer Green and the hired man left her in disgust.
"She hasn't the brains of a hen," Farmer Green declared.
"Shall we try the big white cow?" the hired man asked him.
"No! She's a numskull too," said Farmer Green. He was feeling somewhat cross, for the little red cow had given him a smart kick. "Let's take the old Muley. She knows something, even if she is a jumper."
Well, what could the Muley Cow do? She had declared to all her friends that she would not be milked by any new-fangled milking machine. But when Farmer Green
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